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Creating a functional, monetized and beautiful online presence begins with you and your brand.  My name is Bren Murphy and I have about 67 successful websites under management.  This is your invitation to join the dedicated wellness network of Organic Digital.   

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Meet Bren Murphy

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I’m a front end web developer who builds websites that bring clients and helps your business thrive.  Here’s my three step secret

First, we concentrate on the low hanging fruit – the basics – so that we can keep your existing clients.  Your website is a seamless flow from visitor through engagement to conversion.  It’s as simple as it is brilliant.

Second, we begin with dedicated on-site optimization.  This means everything is connected and aligned so that your site reinforces it’s own authority.  Links are keyword rich, with significant anchor text all designed for seamless user experience.

Third, we ‘set fire to the internet’ with a drip fed series of super authority inbound links pointing to your original written content.  Oh, right, I overlooked mentioning the six original articles that we kick-start your business blog with.  These establish you as a trusted and knowledgeable authority in your niche.  Before you know it your website is being cited by other sites and the back links gain some momentum.

Edit your own site, perfectly…

Wordpress is industry standard for websites. Learn it once, know it for life – if you can do FB you can do wordpress, seriously…

  • Training Videos and Calls included.
  • Graphic Design and Logo included.
  • Images optimised, whitespace backgrounds.
  • Fully responsive mobile ready sites.
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I’ve been making a living from my own websites since 2007.  I began with gourmet food e-commerce sites and now I find myself in the health and wellness space.  It’s a very exciting time to be among people who are part of my tribe.

Having a website and online presence is only as good as your following.  That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play. Put simply, SEO is giving your online content the maximum potential to be sought out by people who are ready to buy your product or service.

I have a network of 67 + health and wellness websites – all with high authority and high citation –  what used to be known as page rank.  Simply by adding your website to my private network of sites, I can guarantee you a dramatic increase in your search engine results position.  (ie, you can move much closer to the lucrative first page for your most valuable search ketword).

For a private demonstration of just how this would work with your website, call me direct on 1300 084 004 or 0431 840 048.

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Wordpress Websites are the most user friendly operating platform, period.  You can choose an appointment scheduling app, or a any unique app for your business situation.

Fixed monthly hosting.
Boutique Agency.
I only have 10 clients max.

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Every website I build includes a free ebook giveaway link.  
Clients and customers alike love to read more about your service
whilst they make up their mind about their order.


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Email your interest and I’ll put a proposal together…

Every client is different – and you might require a specialist solution.  Strictly only working in the health wellness and spirituality space (ie no tyre fitters etc) My websites have proven stats to back up my claims – ask me and I will show you how it all works using authority metrics.


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Brilliant Wellness Websites with Heart Centered Web Support – Seriously.